About Us

VISION:  CCES will be an organization that facilitates diverse,  lifelong learning within our community.

MISSION: CCES promotes lifelong learning in our rural community through our facility with programming focusing on education and health and wellness.

PURPOSE: Provide  a venue for interactive educational opportunities, which includes on-site support to our rural community.


  • Accountability
    • We listen to the needs of our community and respond with relevant programming and services.
  • Collaboration
    • We engage community stakeholders to work as a team promoting and supporting local initiatives.
  • Accessibility
    • We are centrally located to serve Cremona, Water Valley and the surrounding rural district. CES provides economically viable programming in our facility.
  • Diversity
    • The CES facility delivers and sources other learning opportunities from outside our community.

The Cremona CES is governed by an elected board of directors from the local business and community. There is a shared passion for the importance of lifelong learning.


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