Aging is an inevitable part of life, and if we’re lucky, something we get to experience. The foods we choose can have a tremendous impact on our vitality, providing our bodies with the nutrients necessary for a keen mind, healthy joints, and a happy heart.
Join Luka Symons, local C.H.N.C. Holistic Nutrition Practitioner to garner what foods will best support your hard working mind and body. We will touch on how important it is to look after your digestion and gut, going over easy recipes that will best support your immune function too. We will talk about those foods that will best fuel your brain and which foods to avoid in order to retain acuity. Key to this all, we will be focusing on those best foods that will keep inflammation at bay.┬áLet’s jump in to the kitchen to best nourish our immune systems in order to protect against chronic diseases often associated with aging. And let’s make it a delicious venture!
DATE: Saturday, April 4th
TIME: 10am-1:30pm
COST: This class is FREE for seniors 55+, Maximum 15 people
Deadline to register: March 28th
To register go to

Aging Well