Are you the person who gets all the colds and flus that fly around the office? Feel like your immune system has been lagging in the last few years? Maybe you’ve been recently been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, but unsure of how to proceed when it comes to foods. Are you curious to know how immunity changes as we age? This is a class for you.
At this class Cooking for Immunity, local Holistic Nutrition Practitioner Luka Symons will dive in to the ways food can support our immune health every day of the year, regardless of where we are on our life’s journey. Oh sure, this class zeroes in on the foods that can help, and emphasizes which ones hinder. But more than that, this is a cooking class. A very practical way of making your kitchen your #1 ally in Keeping Well.
Expect to walk away from this class with five recipes aiming at supporting your immune system, nourishing you deeply in order to help kick pesky things like colds + flus to the curb, all the way up to chronic disease and cancer. We’ll dive in to five recipes: a warm elixir to help ward off colds; a homemade Vitamin C rich syrup to help combat the germs; a soup to deeply nourish a convalescent friend or family member (your Bubbie would be proud); a traditional Japanese offering to help ward off cancer; ending off with a meal that will help provide your body with those ingredients you need to support protecting against cancer, and supporting optimal immune and detox function.
Come join the cooking class. It will be a most delicious time.
DATE: Saturday, April 4th
TIME: 10am-1:30pm
COST: $68
Deadline to register: March 28th
To register go to