This makeup class will cover everything you need to know about a simple, timeless, everyday makeup look amped up to a nighttime look. Everyone will bring their own makeup to the class and we will utilize what everyone has in their kits no matter how much makeup you have. You can always use some of my makeup too! I’ll have a model who I’m practicing the look on, and everyone will follow on themselves step by step. I’ll have brushes there to buy also ranging from $10-$20. I do ask that everyone comes with a beauty blender! It’s a cheap tool to have in your kit and I use it a lot. You can get them from shoppers for about $5. Also, bring a pen and paper to write notes! We all have to start somewhere, so this is a great class for all ages, and all levels of makeup experience!
DATES: Tuesday, May 7th, 2019
TIME: 6:00pm—9:00pm
COST: $90
Deadline to register: April 30th, 2019